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Vehicle History Report

An NMVTIS Vehicle History Report is our visualization of the most important issues that may affect the car you have choosen to check.
An NMVTIS Vehicle History Report helps consumers identify vehicles that are potentially unsafe. If a vehicle has a total loss, or salvage history, you will be warned. It provides information on the five key indicators listed below:

  • Current state of title and last title date
  • Brand history
  • Odometer reading
  • Total loss history
  • Salvage history

VIN-INFO Vehicle History Report

VIN-INFO Vehicle History Report is the most complex and comprehensive source of vehicle information.

  • Technical details: including production year, fuel type, engine
  • Mileage history: set of known vehicle mileages
  • Incidents history: set of known vehicle damages
  • Check history: geo-localisation of checks in our service
  • Databases of stolen vehicles: warning against vehicle wanted by police in Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Canada, Norway, Sweden and IAATI / VIN-INFO, CrimiMail, Kaynine
  • Production defects: warning against production defects
  • Vehicle Manufacturer: information about car manufacturer
  • Vehicle Photos: gallery of photos of checked vehicle

Vehicle Report from UK

On our website you can successfully purchase a report for vehicles from the UK. This report contains information extracted from reliable UK sources of vehicle information. We use, among others from the databases of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), the police database of vehicles wanted in the UK (PNC), and the Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud Theft Register (MIAFTR). We also check the vehicle's past using the British Ministry of Transport (MOT) database. If we find any records in these databases, you will learn about them in our England Vehicle History Report.

Vehicle Report from Holland

VWE is one of the foremost suppliers of vehicle information in the Netherlands. VWE has a wide range of data sources at its disposal. We can consult, for example, an extremely extensive RDW vehicle registration database, sources with technical vehicle information, sources with commercial vehicle information and interlinked information from the various sources of data. VWE Report includes:

  • Current registration status in the Netherlands
  • Ownership history
  • Inspection expiration date
  • Technical details

NOTE: For each ordered VWE Report we add NAP Mileage Check for FREE. This service allows you to check vehicle mileage on the basis of reliable and official data. For more information check the description in the box below.

Vehicle Report from Belgium

Report for the vehicles from Belgium is a necessary help for everyone planning to buy a vehicle imported from this country. The report makes it possible to verify an offer made by a seller based on the information coming from official and legal sources only. It allows us to check technical parameters, vehicle history and mileage. Each report for Belgium includes:

  • Status of a vehicle
  • Identification of a vehicle
  • History of a vehicle
  • Date of the first and last registration
  • Last inspection date
  • Technical data
  • Exhaust emission and emission standard